Converts Temperature Units

Convert Temperature Units shows an equation of measure of the degree of warmth, heat, cold, or normality of a material or condition. In short, the higher the temperature of a material, the hotter it is. Temperature units that are often used are Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine, Reamure.

Temperature Conversion Tool


If needed!! Use the dot “.” as a “decimal” sign to enter a number. The dot of the result is represented as a decimal sign or a comma “,”, because in some countries, the dot can act as a comma and vice versa.

The four types of thermometers that are best known for measuring temperature are Celsius, Reaumure, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. Qualitatively, we can know that temperature is the sensation of cold or warm an object that is felt when touching it. Quantitatively, we can find out by using a thermometer.

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