Length / Distance Unit Conversion
millimetermmfoot (feet)ft
yardydmile intmi
mile USmiinch

Unit Conversion of Length / Distance can be divided into several purposes which can also represent length, distance, height or vertical, as well as width or distance from one side, also measured at an angle perpendicular to an object. In some situations the value of length can be converted or converted into other common units.

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If needed!! Use the dot “.” as a “decimal” sign to enter a number. The dot of the result is represented as a decimal sign or a comma “,”, because in some countries, the dot can act as a comma and vice versa.

The standard length is meters, while in the cgs system (centimeter gram second) it is cm (centimeter). In physics and engineering, the word “length” is usually used synonymously with “distance”, with the symbol “l” (lowercase) or “L” (an abbreviation of the English word Length).

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