Mass Unit Conversion

Convert Mass Unit. “Mass” is often associated with “weight”, “Mass” is the basis of the capacity of a material, while “weight” is a force or interaction of the mass of matter with the gravitational field. In everyday usage the word “mass” is often said to be “weight”, although these are two different terms. The basis of the unit of mass is the kilogram (kg) according to SI (International System of Units).

Mass Conversion Tool


If needed!! Use the dot “.” as a “decimal” sign to enter a number. The dot of the result is represented as a decimal sign or a comma “,”, because in some countries, the dot can act as a comma and vice versa.

The standard units, along with their values ​​and uses, be it mass, length, etc., sometimes vary in each country or region. According to the SI, the standard unit for mass is kilogram marked with the symbol “kg”. In normal situations, the weight of an object is proportional to its mass, while the instrument used to measure mass is usually a scale.

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