Convert Area Units
square milemi2square kilometerkm2
square hectometerhm2square decameterdam2
square meterm2square decimeterdm2
square centimetercm2square millimetermm2

Convert Area Units is a measure of quantity that expresses the magnitude of a two-dimensional object or the shape of a plane or area. The standard unit for area is m² (square meters), in accordance with the SI (The International System of Units) used. This applies generally and is often used in various countries in the world as a basic standard of measurement.

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If needed!! Use the dot “.” as a “decimal” sign to enter a number. The dot of the result is represented as a decimal sign or a comma “,”, because in some countries, the dot can act as a comma and vice versa.

In the International System of Units (SI), the standard unit for area is “square meter”, marked with the symbol “m2“. There are several well-known formulas for the area of ​​simple shapes such as triangles, rectangles, squares and circles. This unit of area usually uses the power of two after the unit which means “square” (eg m2 ), read square meter.

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