10 Best WordPress Hosting, Good for Beginners and Developers

By: Gunawan, Updated: July 5, 2024 best wordpress hosting

Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners, Small Business, Developers. It is an optimized and fine-tuned server to run wordpress websites at peak performance. Depending on the plan chosen, you’ll be equipped with the most advanced features.

10 Best Managed VPS Hosting (WordPress, Business, Developers)

By: Gunawan, Updated: July 5, 2024 managed vps

Fully Managed VPS is a type of full managed service of virtual private server Hosting. This service comes with fully setup and optimized virtual server. A Technical Support will take care of clients server operation, maintenance, updates, and help users with any technical issues that may face.

10 Best Cloud VPS Hosting (WordPress, Business, Developers)

By: Gunawan, Updated: July 5, 2024 cloud vps

Cloud VPS is a type of Hosting that uses a series of servers that are interconnected with one another provided in various places and servers as a single entity. These providers offer scalable, fast, and reliable servers. They are available in multiple server locations worldwide.

7 Best Minecraft Server Hosting, Good and Affordable

By: Gunawan, Updated: July 4, 2024 best minecraft server hosting

Minecraft Server is a hosting server which will give a complete freedom to modify the gameplay according to your own preferences. Using your own Minecraft server, you can set your game rule and invite anyone to play with you. You’re free to install all the mods you want and customize your world.

10 Best VPS Hosting, Cheap and Good Service Providers

By: Gunawan, Updated: July 4, 2024 best vps hosting

Virtual Private Server also known as VPS is a type of hosting that uses powerful hardware resources to allows a virtual machine to run and operate independently. VPS takes its name from the fact that each server uses virtualization technology. It is a private server and it will be exclusively yours.

10 Best Web Hosting Services, Good for Beginners and WordPress

By: Gunawan, Updated: July 4, 2024 best web hosting

Web Hosting is an online service through which you can put up your website on the internet. It is basically a service that will host a registered website domain name on server which can store all the files and data. A domain name is the address of your site and is what people will have to type to access it.