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How To Create Paper Sizes for Printer and MS Office

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Paper Sizes for Printer, To get a printout that we want, then it must first adjust the settings on the printer (Canon, Epson, etc) and Application or Microsoft Office (MS Word, Excel, etc) in accordance with the desired paper size.

These paper sizes vary, but we can insert any value on the condition that the paper fit on the printer. The size setting is also called “user defined” or “custom size”.


Specifies the Paper Size

To get the value of paper length and width in mm, cm, inch, follow the links below:

paper size for printer

Image: paper size for printer

How to Add a Paper Size on Printer

To set the length and width of the paper on the printer (Canon, EPSON):

  1. Click “Start” or “windows icon”.
  2. Select “Devices and Printers”, then it will go to the available device and printer.
  3. Find for used printer and right click on the image, and then select “Printing preferences”.
  4. After Printer menu opened, Find “size” dan click the size, then select “User Defined” or “Custom Size”, usually located in the bottom.
    user defined

    Image: user defined

    • Insert any name in the box “Paper Size Name”, example “F4”.
    • Find “Unit”, then click “0.01 cm”.
    • Insert value in “Paper Width” for width and “Paper Height” for length or height.
    • Example: For “F4” paper size is 210 x 330 mm, then convert the value into become “2100” for “Paper Width” and “3300” for “Paper Height”.
    • Not: We can insert these values directly by typing it or tried by clicking the up and down arrows.
    • Click “save” and “OK”.
  5. Click “OK” in Printer menu and done.

After the above step is completed, then we can customize it in Microsoft Word.

How to Add a Paper Size on Microsoft Word

To set the length and width for “F4” paper size or “any size” in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel):

  1. Open Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).
  2. Find “Page Layout” in the menu and click “Size”.
  3. After the whole size appears, scroll the “cursor” to the bottom, then you will find “F4” with the value “21.0 cm x 33 cm”.
    • The size value is according to what we have set on the printer and will appear automatically.
  4. Select the size that we want, in this case the “F4”, then it will display the page margins or paper on the screen according to what we choose.

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