three days

3 Days

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three days

Kdrama: 3 Days
Genre: Action, Thriller, Political
Episodes: 16
Cast: Park Yoochun, Son Hyun-joo, Park Ha-sun, So Yi-hyun
Original Network: Seoul Broadcasting System
Original Release: March 5 – May 1, 2014
Website: SBS

3 Days also known as Three Days, Sseuri Deijeu, is a 2014 korean drama / tv series made in South Korea, starring Park Yoochun, Son Hyun-joo, Park Ha-sun, Yoon Je-moon, So Yi-hyun, Jang Hyun-sung and Choi Won-young. It aired on SBS from March 5 to May 1, 2014 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 p.m. for 16 episodes.



South Korean President goes on holiday at his own private villa. He goes missing during his vacation after three rounds of gun shots. His bodyguards, led by elite agent and the Blue House Secret Service try to find and escort him safely back to the Blue House. They only have 3 Days to investigate the mysterious disappearance and find the president.

3 days can change the destiny of a South Korean country, follows the intertwining fates of those sworn to protect the president, the president himself, his political staff, and the mystery of true power players behind him, who decide whether he lives or dies. His bodyguards with the help from a police woman traces the footsteps, try to locate and save him.

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