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List of Best Korean Dramas in 2013

By Fantastic | Last Updated: June 4, 2017
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Best KDrama List in 2013

This is an incomplete list of South Korean drama or television series, broadcast on nationwide networks. Here are top K-Dramas in 2013 (One or more of them end in 2014).

Best Korean Drama refers to tv series made in South Korea, which contains a high value and or entertaining. These dramas follow the arranged plot structure, making audiences enjoy a drama, and each episode contains a whole small story into a whole drama.

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List of best kdramas in 2013:

Bel Ami16Romance, ComedyNovember 20, 2013KBS
Empress Ki51Historical, RomanceOctober 28, 2013MBC
Good Doctor20Medical, Romance, Comedy, FamilyAugust 5, 2013KBS
Gu Family Book24Historical, Romance, Action, FantasyApril 8, 2013MBC
Master’s Sun17Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, MysteryNovember 20, 2013SBS
Missing You17Romance, Melodrama, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, ActionNovember 7, 2012MBC
That Winter, The Wind Blows16Romance, MelodramaFebruary 13, 2013SBS
The Suspicious Housekeeper20Family, Black comedyOctober 9, 2013SBS
The Heirs20Romance, Family, TeenOctober 9, 2013SBS
Two Weeks16Action, Thriller, Mystery, FamilyAugust 7, 2013MBC
You Who Came From the Stars21Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Science fictionDecember 18, 2014SBS

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