blade man

Blade Man

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blade man

KDrama: Blade Man
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
Episodes: 18
Cast: Lee Dong-wook, Shin Se-kyung
Original Network: Korean Broadcasting System
Original Release: September 10 – November 13, 2014
Website: KBS

Blade Man also known as Iron Man, Aieonmaen, is a 2014 korean drama / tv series made in South Korea, starring Lee Dong-wook and Shin Se-kyung. It aired on KBS2 from September 10 to November 13, 2014 for 18 episodes.



Joo Hong-bin (Lee Dong-wook), is a wealthy man with a prickly demeanor who develops a supernatural ability, his anger and mental pain manifest as knives sprouting from his body.

He meets Son Se-dong (Shin Se-kyung), a warmhearted girl who becomes entangled into his life. As they fall in love, she slowly heals his heart and he learns to deal with his inner pain and new found power.

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